Kind Words


Linda Arias

To hear that Danise Lehrer is transitioning from working at WRC to a private practice/mindfulness based therapy is something I am looking forward to.
Over the years she has worked hard to increase her abilities and knowledge to help others in so many ways. She listens, she supports, she gives people the tools to help them get through difficult periods and she understands because she has been there herself.
She has deep understanding and first hand experience of what people go through when they have a loved one with life challenges. Her new clients will be so glad and relieved that she came into their lives. I know I am.


I first met Danise during our MBSR Teacher Training program in 2012 at InsightLA. I was immediately struck by her calm, genuine, and loving presence. She has a natural gift for guiding group meditations, imbuing them with an inherent wisdom, and allowing all present to feel held and safe. She is a gift to this field, and I would highly recommend her in any meditation teaching opportunity.

Mandy Cavan, LMFT

Danise has a presence of warmth and genuine feel a sense of "being held" in her company.  

Amy Spies

Writer/Mindful Writing Teacher

I have been honored to know Danise Lehrer for a long time.  She is a wise, compassionate, and giving practitioner.  I am so impressed with her therapeutic, mindfulness, and administrative/leadership skills. Walking the walk of her commitment to underserved individuals, Danise has navigated complicated administrative, policy, funding waters and succeeded in starting a new clinic for children with unique developmental and healthcare needs.

Susan Stiffelman, MFT

Author of Parenting with Power Struggles


Danise Lehrer has a rare combination of gifts: she is exceptionally well-trained, extremely knowledgeable, and deeply compassionate. Anyone fortunate enough to work with her knows they have struck gold! I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Ronald A. Alexander Ph.D. MFT

author of Wise Mind Open Mind

Danise is warm, caring and her compassion, kindness and wisdom blend together into a wholesome practitioner! 

Thompson Kelly, Ph.D.

Director of Intake, Westside Regional Center

I have worked together with Danise Lehrer for over ten years and continue to be astounded by the breadth of her experience, clinical insight, compassion and creativity in providing support and intervention both to individuals and their families as well as to her management team and supervisees.  She is truly inspiring as an individual in this field and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with her as long as I have.

Derek Ott, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

I have worked with Danise for nearly 20 years through my association with the Regional Centers.
I expect that she will bring the same passion, compassion, expertise,  perspective, insight and clinical acumen to her private patients and families that I have observed for many years.

Alejandro Soschin

Non-profit consultant and WRC Board Vice-Chair

"I have worked in the Los Angeles non-profit sector for over almost two decades, and have had the honor of working with some of the finest leaders and visionaries in the field.  Collaborating with Danise at the Achievable Foundation and seeing her transform a dream into the innovative and groundbreaking Achievable Clinic against daunting odds has been one the true highlights of my professional life.  The compassion, integrity, focus and determination that Danise brings to any endeavor make her an exemplary mentor, leader, advocate and friend."